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I am Vladislav Stoitsov

Full-stack web developer with more than 16 years of experience leading both front-end and back-end development. Led cross-functional teams of up to 15 people.

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I have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript (ES6), experience with Angular and TypeScript. Add a lot of curiosity, creativity and a GTD-mentality and you have a pretty complete picture of me.


Throughout my career as a programmer, I have worked on all kinds of technologies - PHP, Go, Node.JS, Electron and many others. This has given me a unique perspective - not only on how something can be done, but also how it could help the business. It is this symbiosis between back-end and front-end that makes my projects so successful.


I speak the designer mumbo-jumbo and dare to make design decisions while coding. This saves valuable development time, endless ping-ponging with designers and often looks even better than the original design.

Aside from development, I enjoy spending my time with my beautiful wife - Sveti, our newborn kid – Tsvetan and our cute dog – Maraya or at the gym (i am trying, don't judge me 😅).

Vladislav & Tsvetan Stoitsov - 2021

Me and my new born son - Tsvetan

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Skills map

Soft Skills - Communication, Leadership, Time Management, Problem-Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Work Ethic, Creativity, Teamwork, Adaptability

Back-end - PHP, JavaScript (Node.js), Go

Frameworks - Laravel, Livewire, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Express.js

Relational Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL
NoSQL / Cloud - Elastic, MongoDB, SQLite, Airtable

Content management systems - Wordpress

APIs - Open API spec and Swagger, REST, JSON

Server side cache - Nginx CGI cache, Redis, Memcached

Architectural patterns - Serverless, Monolithic apps, Microservices

Performance tracking - Sentry

Issue/Exceptions tracking -Sentry, Bugsnag

Mail Postmark DMARC Code analysis Front-end CSS Basics Flexbox CSS Grid Responsive design Responsive images Viewport Mobile First rem units Media Queries Custom properties Transitions / animations Plain CSS AOS.js CSS Preprocessors PostCSS Sass LESS CSS Frameworks SemanticUI Tailwind :<3: Bootstrap JavaScript Build tools Task Runners Linters / Formatters Module Bundlers TypeScript JSON Fetch API DOM Manipulation Basic Syntax Front-End Framework Vue Angular Ant.design Server Side Rendering (universal) State managment Alpine.js Package Managers Version control How The Internet Works Web Security HTTPS CORS Content Security Policy DNSSEC HTTP/2/3 Hosting DNS Browsers Progressive web applications Service workers Storage Web scokets Location Notifications Device orientation Payments Credentials Tracking Google Analytics Sentry FullStory Google Analytics (ecommerce) HTML Best Practices Semantic HTML Forms & Validation Accessibility SEO Web vitals Deployment / DevOps Load Balancing, Monitoring, Security Serverless AWS Lambda Hosting Digital Ocean AWS Heroku DigitalOcean Dedicated Servers Web servers Nginx Apache Virtualisation Docker GitHub Actions Continuous deployment Continuous integration


  • Udoma.bg

    CEO, Web developer, designer, SEO

    Real estate marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with the best investors and developers. On the other hand, Udoma.bg gives businesses all the necessary tools to develop their brand and reach their customers on the Internet without the need to spend tens of thousands of levs to develop each omnichannel separately.

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Develop MVP based on Angular with server-side rendering
    • Development of Laravel based platform with administration
    • Design
    • SEO


    Key Achievements

    • More than 12K unique visitors per month
    • Perfect SEO – more than 60% of the traffic is from organic search
    • Award for best web site from bgweb.org
  • Co-founded Free Access to the Real Estate Market in Bulgaria Non-profit organization

    In the past years, we provided assistance and had the chance to closely monitor several real estate deals in different classes in Sofia and countrywide. Every day, we encountered the problems all three parties (buyers, sellers and intermediaries) face in concluding a real estate sale. Everything was further complicated by the lack of systematization and an established process. The entire path from choosing an apartment to the buyer entering into ownership takes months and this final stage is only reached if the initial information is correct.

    Thus came the idea of creating the Free Access to the Real Estate Market in Bulgaria Foundation, uniting the efforts of experts in different fields and creating the udoma.bg platform – a space where anyone can browse all new constructions, find the desired new home and check all the available information.

    We knew it wouldn’t be easy to make such a platform, but we were certain this is the only way for the real estate business to change for the better.

  • Co-founded Bulgarian Association for Electric Mobility Non-profit organization

    From the moment electric scooters appeared, I was instantly excited. But I wanted to do something more – I wanted to leave a mark. I knew there was a risk for it to be halted like so many other good ideas and for it not to reach the broader public. Very soon I found like-minded people and we established the Organization. In less than a year, it turned into an important factor in urban mobility. We achieved amendments in some laws and electric scooters’ quickly entering our lives as a means of transportation for much of the population.

  • Futurist Labs

    GoLang & front-end developer, AWS specialist - Dec. 2016 – Aug. 2017

    Ranked #1 on Clutch as a mobile development partner, Futurist Labs focuses on enterprise and startup mobile apps & web IT development. We partner with companies worldwide from California’s Silicon Valley all the way to Sofia, Bulgaria — our Eastern European offshore hub.

  • StoreGecko
    StoreGecko Failed

    Team lead & Angular.js developer – Oct. 2015 – Sept. 2016

    StoreGecko is a Bulgarian startup, which was established in early 2014. The company develops a product management system for web stores developed by Magento.

    I'm grateful, and it was a pleasure to work with such a talented team. I've learned a very important lesson - no matter how great idea you have, if you are not ready to listen to your clients, the team and the market - you will almost certainly fail!

    Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Management of the development team
    • Development of the front-end of the software based on AngularJS


    Key Achievements

    • For one year my team made a stable version of the software and started working with clients with more than 50 000 products
  • Stenik

    Back-end developer – Jan 2007 – Jun 2010

    Since the first months, I started developing a CMS software allowing us to quickly build the next projects. The CMS made from scratch became a main software for website even in the years after I left the company. In three and a half years, we built more than 50 sites with the help of the developed CMS.

  • APlus.net

    Front-end developer - Feb 2006 - May 2007

Frequently asked questions

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Are you available for an interesting position?

Yes, I definitely have the opportunity at the moment and I am looking for new positions or freelance projects

What's your hourly rate?

My standard hourly rate is €85 per hour. But I'd be happy to discuss anything between €70 & €80 I'd be happy to talk to you. ;)

Do you have experience with ?

I am a real hands-on worker and I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and tools. So I'm used to making things my own quickly. Are you looking for very specific skills? Please contact me to see if I can help you with that!

Where are you located? Do you work remotely?

Currently I am living with my family in Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgaria is in the EU which gives businesses a lot of opportunities. Drop me a line, come and see it and you will stay here :)

Ok, enough about your work, what do you do when you're not in front of your laptop?

Aside from development, I enjoy spending my time with my beautiful wife, our new born kid – Tsvetan and our dog – Maraya or at the gym (i am trying, don't judge me ).